Web Design, Photography & Video for Bangs Salon in Beaufort, SC

More often than not, when someone is looking for a service, product, place to stay or dine, information, you name it, they go online. Most businesses understand the importance of being online these days and that’s why you’ll find more and more of them budgeting for web design, online advertising, video production and overall branding.

For Bangs Salon in Beaufort, SC, it was of the upmost importance to stand out from the crowd of other salons online. We photographed portraits of all the team members for a personal touch, made a short video showing the Bangs experience and designed a custom Appointment Form so clients can schedule an appointment from the Bangs website.

Beaufort SC Web Design | Bangs Salon | The Lills Design

What started as a team of three individuals, basically grew overnight into the place to get hair done in Beaufort, SC. The establishment has expanded their team, expanded their building and have now expanded their presence online with a fresh new brand and website, we’re excited to have built! Keep up the great work Bangs Salon!
See some photography for Bangs Salon below:

Visit BangsSalonBeaufort.com

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The Lills Travel to Sarasota, Florida

Brown's Grove, Island Jet Ski & Casperson Beach in Sarasota FL | The Lills Design

On Christmas day 2013, we took our second road trip in our newly acquired VW bus to Sarasota, Florida for the holidays. After 9 hours of driving, we finally made it to our destination…and our brakes went “spongy”. We needed repair before getting back on the road, so we stopped by a common auto shop, who told us it would be over $900 and would take days before getting parts. Thank goodness for Sunshine Auto Garage in Sarasota. They knew everything about VW buses and took great care of us and our bus that same day, for a quick $300.

Take a look at our time with Sunshine Auto:

We covered major ground in Sarasota, Florida and learned so much about the area. Every day we drove out in our VW bus and discovered something new, like the Ringling Circus Museum. We went to Bob’s Train & Restaurant and on New Years Day we woke up bright and early and headed to Bradenton Beach and met up with Beach Horses, who offer horseback riding on the beach. From finding prehistoric sharks teeth at Caspersen Beach to picking real Florida oranges at Brown’s Grove, there’s just so much to do. If you’re ever looking for a fun place to road trip to, we’d highly recommend getting to know Sarasota, its fantastic keys and beaches!

Enjoy our travel video to Sarasota, Florida:

Thanks Sunshine Auto Garage, Bob’s Train, Sarasota Farmers Market, Brown’s Grove, Island Jet Ski, Beach Horses, Siesta Key Bead Shack, Eat Here Restaurant and everyone else who made our trip so fantastic!

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Web Design, Photography & Video for Herbalicious Microgreens in Beaufort, SC

Before working with Herbalicious Microgreens, we knew about young vegetable varieties like baby spinach and baby kale (all picked before fully grown, for tenderness and size), but had never heard of microgreens.

Microgreens are salad greens picked even younger than baby greens, just after the first leaves have sprouted and are known for being packed full of nutrients and flavor (even more than their adult counterparts). Chefs at fine-dining restaurants around the world use microgreens to add flavor and aesthetic beauty to their dishes.

Herbalicious Microgreens has been delivering fresh, local microgreens to fine-dining establishments in Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head for a few years, but they had zero presence on the web. We were too excited to design a fantastic brand and website, film a short video and photograph the beautiful microgreens.

Herbalicious Microgreens Beaufort Web Design by The Lills Design

We designed the Herbalicious Microgreens website so that Beaufort and lowcountry chef’s can not only see the available microgreens, but also sign up, sign in and purchase their fresh, weekly microgreens to be delivered straight to their kitchens. See the photography, business cards and rack cards we created:

It was such a blast photographing each microgreen variety to show how wonderful of a product Herbalicious Microgreen offers. A bonus for us was that we got to try every kind. The pea tendrils literally taste like an explosion of peas, the sunflowers taste just like the seeds and oo-ee they all make a plate or salad way more interesting and healthy!

Visit HerbaliciousMicrogreens.com

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