Our VW Bus Gets A Window Perf!

Since acquiring our VW Bus, Moksha, every fix and modification has been to his mechanics. That is, until just recently. Our friends over at Printology Signs Beaufort & Bluffton hooked us up with an incredible marketing tool, a window perf for Moksha’s back window. We put the design together using our trademark logo and paper textured background, sent it to the print shop, drove over and had it installed in about twenty minutes. Like magic, Moksha all of a sudden became a moving billboard. The material they used allows us to see out the back window perfectly and masks us from the view of those behind us. We’ve gotten so many compliments and had so many wonderful conversations, completely based on our new signage. We’re so happy Moksha has gotten a little something fun added to him and we just can’t wait to share the next steps we have planned for the rest of his makeover. In the meantime, enjoy our window perf installation video below!


Special thanks to Printology Signs & Graphics!

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The Lills Hurricane Matthew Evacuation Video

It’s always being made clear to us: the universe has a plan. After months of our VW Bus being at the shop, we were able to pick him up literally a day before Hurricane Matthew hit our town of Beaufort, SC. It was absolutely incredible to evacuate just in the nick of time and from afar, see our house flooded, plus images and videos from people who stayed in town during the storm. We were lucky to get out, escape to Columbia and find creative ways to stay positive during this tough time. Enjoy our hurricane evacuation video below!


Many thanks to everyone who helped restore Beaufort, SC!

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Paprika Southern Video

Paprika Southern is an amazing art and style magazine based in the South. They contacted us regarding modeling and filming the photo shoot for their Fall issue. We all gathered at Brockington Hall, a stunning Italianate style mansion┬áin historic Savannah. Photographer, Lisa Marie O’Quinn, captured us as we modeled our engagement, wedding and reception for the bridal spread.

The Lills | Alexander Lill | Lara Lill

The Lills | Alex and Lara Lill

Lara Lill | The Lills

The Lills | Alex Lara Lill

Enjoy our video for Paprika Southern as well as the lovely photographs from the new issue!


Many thanks to Paprika Southern, Lisa Blume Photography, Brockington Hall Event Venue, On a Limb Floral Designs, Cheers Darling Events and everyone who participated in this wonderful production!

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