The Lills Hurricane Matthew Evacuation Video

It’s always being made clear to us: the universe has a plan. After months of our VW Bus being at the shop, we were able to pick him up literally a day before Hurricane Matthew hit our town of Beaufort, SC. It was absolutely incredible to evacuate just in the nick of time and from afar, see our house flooded, plus images and videos from people who stayed in town during the storm. We were lucky to get out, escape to Columbia and find creative ways to stay positive during this tough time. Enjoy our hurricane evacuation video below!


Many thanks to everyone who helped restore Beaufort, SC!

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Paprika Southern Video

Paprika Southern is an amazing art and style magazine based in the South. They contacted us regarding modeling and filming the photo shoot for their Fall issue. We all gathered at Brockington Hall, a stunning Italianate style mansion in historic Savannah. Photographer, Lisa Marie O’Quinn, captured us as we modeled our engagement, wedding and reception for the bridal spread.

The Lills | Alexander Lill | Lara Lill

The Lills | Alex and Lara Lill

Lara Lill | The Lills

The Lills | Alex Lara Lill

Enjoy our video for Paprika Southern as well as the lovely photographs from the new issue!


Many thanks to Paprika Southern, Lisa Blume Photography, Brockington Hall Event Venue, On a Limb Floral Designs, Cheers Darling Events and everyone who participated in this wonderful production!

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The Lills 6th Wedding Anniversary | Puerto Rico

For our sixth wedding anniversary we boarded a plane and touched down in beautiful Puerto Rico. We unpacked in a private balcony studio at the home of a wonderful couple and their 3 year old grandchild in San Juan. Immediately, they felt like family and we felt at home. We stayed outside on the balcony late into the night, taking in the city and stars. We were located just a block from the beach, so the next day we headed straight there. Ocean Park beach had such a cool backdrop of palm trees and cityscape. We were in walking distance from amazing food and enjoyed incredible empanadillas at Pirilo Restaurant and crazy-good rice, beans and classic Tostones (twice fried plantain slices with salt) from Kasalta Bakery.

After a day or two soaking up the sun and exploring the city, we took a drive to historic Old San Juan. It was absolutely stunning with colorful buildings, active cobblestone streets and island air. We took a walk through Liga De Arte, a non-profit art league that offers workshops in drawing, ceramics, sewing, metalwork, sculpture and more. Each classroom had a beautiful view. We then had an absolute blast flying kites with everyone at El Morro Fort, followed by trying traditional Mofongo (mashed garlic plantains) at La Danza Restaurant.

The Lills | Puerto Rico Trip

We took a stunning 2 hour drive to La Parguera, where we stayed in a very cool ocean view hotel room at the Villa Parguera. We rented a boat, provided by Gina’s at Johnny’s Boats, went snorkeling and fell in love with the crystal-clear water. It was so peaceful and a wonderful private adventure. Later on, a friendly guy at a pineapple stand told us we needed to drive to Boquerón Beach, a spectacular beach that has calm waters, perfect for jetskis and other water sports. It was so tranquil and showed us yet another beautiful side to Puerto Rico.

We couldn’t miss going to the rainforest and met a very cool woman who took us straight to her friend’s home, deep in the El Yunque Rainforest. The couple has been living there for 20 years and we can see why. Life seemed simple surrounded in the thick foliage and the sound of water continuously moving from the river was spiritual. They made us an incredible vegetarian home-cooked meal and told us to take a walk up the rocks, alongside the river, where we would find beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. About 15 minutes up we heard the sounds of happy locals enjoying the day at the lagoon. We jumped off of a swing-rope and off a cliff and felt alive.

Our trip to Puerto Rico was amazing and was such a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary, we can’t wait to go back!

Check out our travel video to Puerto Rico below:


Many thanks to the Pirilo Restaurant, Ocean Park Beach, Acapulco Restaurant, Finders Keepers, Old San Juan, La Danza Restaurant, El Morro Fort, Rosa De Triana Tapas Bar, Liga De Arte, La Parguera, Gina’s & Johnny’s Boats, Boquerón Beach, El Yunque Rainforest, La Cueva Del Mar Restaurant and Kasalta Bakery!

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