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Beaufort, SC is renowned for it’s local seafood and in fact, began as a small fishing village. Today, there aren’t many local commercial fisherman left. Imports have flooded the market and pushed the community’s once thriving fishing industry, off the map. Thank goodness for Sea Eagle Market’s tenacity in maintaining their presence and pride as leaders of the local fishing community in Beaufort, SC.

In order to survive, it was time for Sea Eagle to take action, by creating a Community Supported Fishery program, where locals can prepay for a seasonal share of fresh seafood at an affordable price. We spearheaded the campaign by developing a recognizable CSF logo, a full-length video and strategy for the Community Supported Fishery program.

Over the last few years we’ve learned a lot by working alongside integral members of our local community, like Sea Eagle and other progressive fisheries and farms who are spreading the news: It’s time to look a lot closer at our food choices. Things are not what they used to be and when it comes to seafood today, you may be surprised at what’s happened.

86% of all seafood consumed in the United States is imported. Only half of this is wild caught. The topper – Less than 1% of imported seafood from other countries is inspected by the FDA…scary, right?

Our friends at Sea Eagle Market are truly leading the fight to save South Carolina’s coastline and commercial fishing heritage. See the video we helped create, capturing the essence of their tradition and the launch of their CSF (Community Supported Fishery) program. See the video below:

If you’ve never been on a shrimp boat or climbed an oyster bed in low tide…it’s hard work. You may not know all that goes into harvesting fresh/local seafood. Each day our fisherman wake up and board their ship, they are risking their lives to continue the traditions that built our coastlines, just as farmers built our inlands.

In 2012, CNN cited Fishing as the #1 most dangerous job in the U.S. They weren’t kidding,

Not just anybody can do this job. During our time out on the water we had more than a few close calls. Engines died, generators ran hot…and the ropes, don’t forget to watch out for all the ropes! We give major props to our local fisherman and hope everyone makes an effort to support the local fishing industry.

Check out our behind the scenes adventure:

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